Hardwood Flooring Pricing

Vibrant Flooring offers upfront and straight forward pricing for all of our services. Since we are a small company with a strong demand for our services, we are not able to visit the homes of every single person that contacts us. So we've found that being upfront with our rates can help us to minimize the homes that we need to visit.

We have provided the pricing for each of our services below. We also have a convenient estimate calculator.

Our process for estimating projects starts with an estimate via email. All we need to get the process started is a brief description of the work you would like done, room measurements and a couple pictures of the areas being done. From there, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate. After this, if you decide you would like to work with us, we will gladly make the time in our busy schedule to visit your home. At this time we can show you samples, we’ll confirm the measurements you sent us, and we’ll set dates for doing your project. We kindly ask that you respect our time and be certain of your intention of hiring us prior to inviting us out.

We can respect the fact that some people wish to price shop, have several people come out etc. However we don’t wish to participate in these bidding wars. Since we use the best products, have non stop referral work, offer the best service & workmanship, & carry all proper insurances we aren't able to compete with the cheapest price nor will we ever be the cheapest price. We can however avoid the most common problems that people have with lower priced “contractors”.

Most people find our process very convenient because it truly saves everyone time. However, we can understand if this process don’t work for you. We sincerely appreciate you visiting our site and considering our services. 

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

– Warren Buffett

Estimate Calculator

This tool can also give you a good idea of the cost of our services.


Hardwood Floor Restoration 

      • Sandless Refinish (Buff & Recoat) $1 per sq ft for Bona oil or water finish or $1.49 for Bona Traffic Commercial finish – Add extra coatings (to add additional durability) for $0.75/sf per extra coating.  ($1,000 Minimum)

      • Sandless Refinish of Factory Finishes Floors – $1.49/sf  or $1.99 w/ Bona Traffic Commercial Finish ($1,000 Minimum)


    • Sand & Refinish – 3 coatings of Bona Woodline® Oil finish, or Bona Mega® Waterborne finish (your choice) $4.99 per square foot  ($3,000 minimum)(additional charges may apply for floors with wax or shellac finishes, for floors in very rough shape, or for factory finished floors, as these are all much harder to do and these require much more time and materials)

    • Sand & Refinish with the ultimate in durability-Bona Traffic® $5.99 per square foot ($3,000 Minimum)

    • Sand & Refinish w/ Rubio Monocoat (a non toxic plant based oil) from $5.99 per square foot ($3,000 Minimum)

    • Sand & Finish w/ custom finishing techniques including; fuming, smoking, pre colors etc – from $6.99 per sq ft ($3,000 Minimum)

See Rubio’s color options

  • Additional Finish Coatings $1 per square foot, or $1.49 per square foot for 2 – See floor finishes

  • Staining $1.49 per square foot (this includes a water pre treatment to help stain take evenly “water popping”), endless samples until we find you the perfect color, and doing the final sanding with our state of the art Lagler Trio Sander, which makes for the best sand job possible.  – See stain colors

  • Solid wood stair tread & riser refinishing ($75-$100 per tread – $75-$100 per riser)

  • Sand ONLY (You do the finishing) – from $2.49 per square foot (this includes having the floors completely ready to be stained or finished)

Flooring Installation

  • Installation of engineered wood floors, Pre finished from $4.99 per square foot. (Add $1 per sf for glue down installation, plus the cost of the glue) – ($3,000)

  • Install, Sand & Finish site finished flooring from $7.99 per square foot ($3,500 Minimum) (Add $1.49 per sq ft for staining/Add 99¢ for Traffic finish) – custom finishing techniques are extra

  • Install stair treads – $150-$175 each

  • Install stair risers – $100-$150 each


  • Remove and reinstall baseboards or quarter round- $199-$599 depending upon job size (very large projects can cost a bit more)

  • Flush mount wood vents & Installation $100-$150 each depending upon wood species

  • Flooring Delivery $50-$100 (flooring shipped in from elsewhere may also require freight charges)

  • Treat subfloor with a roll on primer (great for pet stains and smells) 75¢ per square foot

  • Carpet Removal & Disposal $1.25 per square foot (we haul away)

  • Tile Removal & Disposal $3-$4 per square foot

  • Onsite Dumpster – $175-$550 depending upon the size needed

  • Floor prepping i.e.; grinding, leveling, cleaning paint, cleaning drywall mud etc is generally priced at $50 per man hour.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

– Warren Buffett

Estimate Calculator