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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

When your wood floors are scratched and damaged beyond what our sandless restoration process will do, we recommend our full sand and refinish. In many cases replacing the the Portland hardwood floors you already have could cost thousands of dollars, so it is imperative that you hire a professional to restore your floors. SEE OUR PRICING HERE.

Vibrant Flooring  has the training, experience, and specialized sanding and dust collection equipment to make your old wood flooring look itʼs best.


See our Hardwood Flooring Refinishing process here (VIDEO)

Vibrant Flooring Offers:

Dust Containment: Vibrant Flooring uses high powered vacuum systems for sanding wood floors. These vacuums not only collect the majority of the dust created they also then filter the air they exhaust. Our vacuum systems help eliminate the traditional dust nightmare throughout your home.  SEE OUR PRICING HERE

  • Staining: Want to change the color of your floors? Our specialists can offer many options that compliment your space, or to completely change the look. We offer 40+ stain colors and we are able to stain match if necessary. All of our staining is done with a water pre treatment “water popping” to help get a more even richer stain job. Staining adds $1.49/sf onto our installation or refinishing charges. 

  • Finishes: Vibrant Flooring offers the toughest, most visual appealing finishes available by Bona®, Basic Coatings® & Rubio Monocoat®. Choose matte, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss. We offer oil based, low voc waterbased, and 100% non-toxic plant oil finishes. See more about our finishes here.

  • Creative Effects & Custom Finishing: In addition to just staining or finishing your floors, we also offer several custom finishing options through use of our non-toxic fuming & smoking processes, dyes, & pre color treatments we are able to create nearly any color or look from black or gray floors, to white washed looks, contrasting colors & textures & much more. See our custom finishing options here.

  • Stair Refinishing: Vibrant Flooring can also sand and refinish your stair treads, risers, and skirt boards. We have specialized equipment for stair refinishing that also hooks up to our vacuum systems.


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